Ubuntu 16 – Startup Beautification

Hey! I have to admit the fact that I love to use interfaces which look beautiful, and this fondness extends to OS bootup as well. But tweaking around the themes in an OS, which have configurations hidden deep in some root folder, isn’t that straightforward. This article is an effort to allow others to deep dive into those configs and tweak around for customization.

This bug for exploration caught my head when I recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my ancient system (though I upgraded it’s RAM to 8GB). I installed it alongside Windows 10, hence dual boot. And the dual boot screen resolution was terrible. After facing the GRUB menu, my Ubuntu boot up was taking me to some terminal login screen, instead of Unity Desktop, with unnecessary system logs coming up which I wasn’t interested in. Not at all a nice bootup experience!

Following are the steps I followed to resolved the resolution of GRUB menu:

  • Verify the preferred resolution mode for grub. Reboot and navigate to grub console by pressing C on grub menu. Type the following:

$ vbeinfo

  •  This will show all the preferred modes. Note the one you need and return to grub menu by typing $ exit. Reload Ubuntu console.
  • Navigate to terminal and type the following command:

$ sudo nano /etc/default/grub

  • Modify GRUB_GFXMODE parameter by uncommenting the line and changing the value to the noted resolution.


  • I also wanted to add background to the grub menu. Add the following parameter as well:


  • Commit the changes by updating the grub using following command:

$ sudo update-grub



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